Buttsarebad is a person who made this wiki so deal with it


Around the date of August 19th, 2016, Buttsarebad showed up making his first post on the Fallout wikia. This would be the main wikia in which Buttsarebad would dwell, make posts, piss off NewRGI by making it into "Trending Today" one too many times, and get people's panties in a bunch by always telling them that Fallout 2 was the best Fallout and anyone who disagreed isn't a true fan.


  • Buttsarebad's main friends consist of NewRGI, TheCourierNCRforLife, CobaltJack, Huaganz, TheLaatSurvivor, Collin The courier, and every moderator and admin of the Fallout wikia because if I didn't put them on this list, they would most likely be ultimatley biased of me and by the time I ended up goofing someway on the Fallout wikia, they would never take my defense resulting in me being perma banned on the Fallout wikia, which I don't want and this is 100% not a run on sentance. (Get out of here Muggy and Pedro)
  • Buttsarebad is the main admin of the Buttsarebad wikia and will probably never give any one moderator because he trusts no one.
  • Most likely, many things you see on this wikia (Including this page) were made me! (Buttsarebad)

Why butts are bad

becus ass gucci as fuc

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